Backpacking through Africa, Middle East & Eastern Europe

This is the final leg of my 8 month backpacking trip after quitting my job to travel. It took me a while to get to but here it goes. Upon returning home, I had a photo exhibit for all my…

Backpacking through Africa, Middle East & Eastern Europe



This is the final leg of my 8 month backpacking trip after quitting my job to travel. It took me a while to get to but here it goes. Upon returning home, I had a photo exhibit for all my work as a photographer but I played around with some video as well while away. The rest of my videos from Asia can be seen on this Vimeo account. It took alot of work to get 5 months of video down to 12 minutes. Alot of stuff still missing. This is Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania(missing), Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Israel and Czech Republic.

Shot on a Canon 5D MIII and a Go Pro Hero 3. Music by Fay-Ann Lyons, Sugar Ray and Ebo Taylor. Its not mine, lol.

My work can be seen at
@omartakespictures on Instagram

0:00 – Facebook post upon my return home with all the stats from my trip.
0:15 – Interview clip at my art exhibit with CNN’s HLN network –
0:30 – Entering Ethiopia
0:32 – Ethiopian restaurant that has traditional dancing in Addis Abeba
0:39 – A bar with traditional dancing that invites the crowd to join in, which some did in Bahir Dar
0:58 – My bus from Bahir Dar to Gondar stopped along the way, all these people ran up including a priest and I believe they gave him a tithe or either paid a toll of some sort.
1:04 – Inside the actual bus with horrible roads and no space, including the isles. Profit over safety. Chickens were running under my feet.
1:13 – The Stelae field in Axum, Ethiopia. The one being held up was stolen by the italians during their occupation, then returned.
1:15 – The rock carved churches of Lalibela, which UNESCO built a protective roof over them to slow erosion.
1:27 – The priests inside on of the churches pray with handheld cymbals with the youngsters on drums.
1:39 – Top of the Great Rift Valley viewpoint outside of Nairobi, Kenya.
1:55 – Me shooting zebra as we ride through the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.
2:19 – A stray camel on Mombasa Beach. Yes…stray!
2:30 – Camel at the pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt.
2:45 – Khan El-Kalili marketplace area
2:50 – My highrise hotel room, which used to be an apartment building with a nice view of Cairo
3:14 – Tombs of Ramses II in the Valley Of The Kings
3:19 – Queen Hatshepsuit palace
3:33 – Karnak Temple
3:41 – Some awesome children on a lunch break on the Nile River in Aswan
3:54 – Tombs at Abu Simbel
4:00 – Crossing the street in Cairo is a task in itself. Streetlights or lane paint is a rarity.
4:14 – Hussein Salem strip in Sharm El Sheik loaded with restaurants, bars and clubs.
4:19 – St Catherine Monastery at the base of Mt Sinai with the burning bush that God talked to moses through.
4:31 – Getting my scuba diving certification on the Red Sea in Dahab, Egypt.
4:43 – Arriving in Marrakech Morocco
4:49 – Leather tannery
5:02 – The town square Jemaa El-Fnaa
5:09 – Souk markets
5:38 – The town square Jemaa El-Fnaa at night
5:44 – Desert excursion into the Sahara outsize of Merzouga.
5:53 – Morocco is known for its rugs. Getting a lesson from the Badouin people on the craftsmanship.
5:56 – The all blue and white painted town of Chefchouene
6:02 – Lesson on how the gopro works
6:11 – 3rd largest mosque in the world, the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca Morocco
6:27 – Seaport area of Essouaria Morocco
6:37 – Ferry from Nuweiba Egypt to Aquaba Jordan
6:46 – Treasury building at Petra National Park
6:54 – You must walk 850 steps up and across to see the Monastery, which is well worth it. Not for the physically challenged.
7:10 – Ebola screening at the Lusaka Zambia airport before I even enter the terminal
7:16 – Victoria Falls!!!
7:48 – Apartheid museum in Johannesburg
8:03 – Street art in the Maboneng neighborhood
8:16 – Nelson Mandela’s house in Soweto
8:24 – Camps bay area of Capetown with Table Mountain and Lion Mountain in the background
8:55 – Penguins of Simon Town at Boulder Beach
9:08 – Top of the Cape Point lighthouse
9:15 – Bo-Kaap neighborhood of Capetown
9:21 – Weekend Day party at Mzouli’s outside of Capetown
9:45 – 5 hours at customs trying to get into Israel. My name is Omar…enough said.
9:55 – Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem where it is said Jesus was crucified, prepared for burial and buried.
10:20 – The Ethiopian chapel at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher depicting King Solomon meeting Queen of Sheba
10:36 – Western Wall
10:48 – Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall
10:57 – Where it is said The Last Supper occurred
11:04 – Black Lives Matter protest by the Ethiopians in Jerusalem
11:27 – Birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem, which is in Palestine
11:38 – Prague, Czech Republic
12:00 – Charles Bridge in Prague
12:11 – St Vitus Cathedral
12:16 – “Hello my same color. Hello my cousin” in Egypt
12:17 – An important message I received in Petra, Jordan

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