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-Me I was going down all the friend suggestion list thing rapidly because I couldn’t sleep and was looking for someone to face time with since my wife went to sleep and I have been in the hospital since March…

Go Fund Me by Avenging The Lost Studios



I was going down all the friend suggestion list thing rapidly because I couldn’t sleep and was looking for someone to face time with since my wife went to sleep and I have been in the hospital since March 20th 2019 of last week dealing with an immune system issue in which i have been receiving IV cyrol medrol steroids, IV balladry every 4-6 hours and the medicine list on the bus goes round and round so i wont waste internet space to even type the other medications being used to treat this so called aggressive “flare up” that is under control now. The side effects i get from steroids alone presents itself as if I were keyed up like Pablo to say the least. The no sleep & boredom got to me and wanted someone to talk to. So, I reached out to the Facebook community asking if anyone was bored & wanted to face time but not one but no one bit  (given it was around 11:00pm CST on a work week and none of the the suggested friends i sped-like added to see if I could get any bites worked to no avail.. No one replied. But God had plans. I received 1 message from a brother in Christ who desires deeply to move here to america and start a life so he can make an impact on his people back home showing then show how God is real and there is evidence. We even have the same birthrate 1987 like What! He got me fired up about Christ, the flame inside of me rekindled so now i am fully about it. The only person that messaged me was this 1 dude from Nigeria, he LoKingdom Building Fund ves Jesus and is trying to raise enough money to come here to come to the United States but it is hard for him to move here because of money. Like just for the Visa its so expensive. Hes a legit cool dude. We had wholesome conversations about many things. Will the church rise up to help me help me him by praying we can raise enough money to get him out of Nigeria & into America? Pray for him so he can get to the United States, he is in the Army Of The Lord. I Introduced him &. Tagged him on Facebook with a more rough around the edges story. I need to get help to add him. We will win and let Gods will be done over this situation. God is in control over this so how ever much money we raise is determined by God and the Church says amen. We will win even if we lose Alade. No worries.. the fight is already fixed and his plan for your life has already been established you just have to walk in it as you already told me nearly every day you have to walk 45 miles for a small sum of money and it is very very hot. I have faith that this man of God can walk that walk in Nigeria in the blazing hot sun then he can walk it out here 10,000 times over for the kingdom of God when he gets here. Lets join together and raise as much money as we can to support Alade’s moving expenses. Thank you everyone and God bless. I’m going cross eyes writing this i should be asleep but there is work to be done. Right after i post this i will lay my head to sleep to get a good nights rest as I want to be rested for tomorrow especially because i’m being started on a type of chemo called Rituxan (an immuno suppressent drug) 

Alede Idowu James
All my people in the lord Christ my name is Alade Idowu I’m from West African Nigeria. I was born Feb 15 1987. Been here today sharing my personal testimony of my experience with God how my father the king of king how the God worked a miracle in my life and how he bless me meeting a child of God name Mitchel Scott Forbes because I have made up my mind that what exactly happening to me things was very hard here in my country in Nigeria. I now remembered when I’m still a child like 12 to 15 year my Mum use to hold my hand to church that she will now take me to our pastor and my pastor will now telling my mum in front of me that she must take food care of me that I’m going to be the person that will Bright up our family that I’ll be going to America coming Back here anytime I like since then now nothing because I’m from poor family I stop my education because of money that’s the reason why I went to another state call Lagos to learn the work I call my professional today electrician engineer. Start from my child have been thinking of American lol I even think coming to American was just a little things lol i now started praying to God fasting to sometimes because u must be very close with God if u want to make it in life. I know the kind of family I come from they didn’t want u to be doing good things they won’t want someone under them prosper lol and they almost kill my mum but God didn’t allowed them they think if they kill my mum nothing for me and there’s King of all king my God my Mum younger sister two they are evil. I know and I believed that I’m in American because in Revelation 12:11 say we over come our enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Thanks may God bless u all now my Mum younger sister that they didn’t want us to prosper and do anything good they dead now. 

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