Mandy Rae Gibson Latson

I grew up in Oral Pimptown SD Untill my Brother was 8 then my Dad departed the Red Sea because my Mom’s PMS Paul Mandy and Shantelle are my Brother and Sister and I and come to think of it…

Mandy Rae Gibson Latson



I grew up in Oral Pimptown SD Untill my Brother was 8 then my Dad departed the Red Sea because my Mom’s PMS Paul Mandy and Shantelle are my Brother and Sister and I and come to think of it my Mom even graduated from Eatonville so it’s a good thing we didn’t move to Boring Oregon next to Dildos when I’m a Pimp from Oral who’s hung, What’s short for Mandy is Emanuel so I pack alot of wood and I get everybody wet because vot the Da. Fort Gibson Dam Oklahoma, Hell I was married at 466 Maranatha Kelso Washington 98626 and that means come Lord so I even Names my Daughter Sierra, So she’s the living water and I water my own crops lol but sometimes I get a little tired of water so I go drinking down at the church and we all get drunk in sort when my Mom sits With the Pastor’s Wife Mary and have the Lord’s Supper and call it a Bloody Marys because where all filthy rags and I don’t know but where my Mom graduated from (Eatonville) and the partaking in the body of Christ with the Pastor’s Wife Mary and my Brother and Sister and I (PMS) I’m almost tempted to bust. Up laughing and starting a comedy show because where I come from theirs a lot of Pimps who need saved so it’s a dam good thing I can call on my self. I mean LG, Latson Gibson, I mean what’s short for Mandy is Emanuel and my phone is the Lord your God or I’ll just pray to myself while you call on the Lord and hopefully I come. I went to Just Kidding Tennessee one when I was younger and a kid but it’s not funny know that I know the Lord because you can play with Jesus and get away with being a Pimp because your Just Kidding so go fuck yourself if you don’t like my sense of humor because I’m MRGL Mandy Rae Gibson Latson and I think Marilyn Manson is seriously playing me by he’s the God of Fuck and I’m Pumping him so Eat ME because he’s the Apple of My Eye. Now look at his phone and that’s how we call each other’s Shit, Nobble? Jesus?? King? MDMA is the drug definition of Mandy and Gibson pH Pharmaceuticals is also in Gibson Tennessee and they are known for Gibson Life flight so stop playing with my G string because your as Hard as a Rock and I’ve never even owned a guitar I think the Hard Rock Cafe stole it because my middle name is Rae and I’m allergic to bee’s so Sting Ray like a Mustang I’m hung like a horse and as hard as a rock so let’s play with each other for the first time and let’s do it in the morning ok just don’t stiff me cause I need to get off. Emanuel was hung and I don’t want to be the Lord so you take over being Personal Jesus and get rid of that joke book. Genius, Gibson Mineral Law is the Land okay and Gibson Coil Mine Industry- is what started Trade Market Industry okay, So London Oil is God. Gold, Oil, Dirt, Gibson Oil Field okay and I gave you all light, Gibson Energy International Electric Engineering Industry okay, Say10 Marilyn the dam flooded okay Fort Gibson Oklahoma Dam, Okay, Fuck, And that’s the Water the Land and the Light because I own the world and I’m the Queen in America and that’s why it’s all in my name and I already came. Maranatha so no thanks virgin Mary I’ll have a double cause I’m using myself to call… Myself… The Lord… But I’m not calling myself the Lord so don’t tell me to pray about it either because you fucking people are a fucking joke and I don’t need to talk to my self or on the phone with you Brian because I don’t want my shit back. I filled it up for you because you were a Nobble King and I’m high I mean I’m your fucking Dope Show because Mg Milligrams is Mandy Gibson and Gibson Pharmaceuticals a your Science Gibson Mineral Law is why I’m spun so keep going around like the God of Fuck cause I grew up in Pimptown and mL Milliliters is Mandy Latson so MRGL and I love playing with each other so don’t break a leg lol, OMG like seriously, fuck God and fuck that Bible joke book.. like what the Fuck all of a sudden it’s you and I , Good game everybody

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