Something 2 Smile About

Hello All! My name is Jessica Mote. Friends call me “J.Mote” . I am 29 years old and I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL aka Duval County (DDDUUUUUUUVVAAALLLLLL lol ), but I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. I…

Something 2 Smile About



Hello All!

My name is Jessica Mote. Friends call me “J.Mote” . I am 29 years old and I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL aka Duval County (DDDUUUUUUUVVAAALLLLLL lol ), but I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. I am currently a working film professional and graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta campus.

I am currently preparing for my masters program final film project. We are encouraged to raise funds as part of the graduate film review, so I am asking for donations. No amount is too great or too small. I am ambitiously looking to raise $10 thousand dollars for production cost and fees.

I havent fully decided on what project I will be shooting just yet, but one of my current ideas in development is titled “Something 2 Smile About”. I wrote, produced, directed and edited a short film version as a tester. It lead me to consider this for my graduate review film. I shot the short film with no budget and would love to see how it could transform with some financial backing.

“Something 2 Smile About” is a drama  about two young African American parents that don’t realize how them splitting up is emotionally damaging their 2 daughters. They are forced to figure out working out their differences after realizing they are ruining Christmas for their kids. 

Every story I write and create comes from what I have witnessed on smaller and larger scales. We have all experienced something similar to “Something 2 Smile About”, so I wrote this story for us. The short is condensed, but I really want to tell this story full out. My vision and style for this film will remind you of movies such as “Precious” and “Fruitvale station”.  

“Something 2 Smile About” is only 1 of 5 ideas I am considering. I plan to film them all, but its starts here with your financial backing.

Below is a host of other projects I have filmed with no budget so you can see that the passion and love for what I do is real. I hope you choose to be apart of my story telling.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
Password: jmote


Your donation will go towards all day to day operations such as:
-professional grade pitch packet/presentation
-script copy writting
-camera and lighting equipment rental
-hiring a crew, actors
-wardrobe, hair and make up
-feeding cast and crew
-location cost 
-music licensing 
-editing and post production cost
-premiere /showing of the film in Atlanta and Jacksonville
-festival film entry fees and PR packages
And all other production needs.

-Every single person that donates will also recieve a co-producer credit.

Don’t have money to give, but willing to offer your time and services?

Donations of:
-household goods, furniture,
-locations (homes, businesses, etc.) anywhere in Georgia and Florida
-music and beats (if you are a local artist, producer, engineer)
-lending of extra camera and lighting equipment.
-services (crew, actor, hair and make up services)

All of which can help lower a film budget if donated for use.

Interested in working on this film or acting???
Camera team
Set Designers
Hair/make up
Catering/Craft services
Locations management etc.)

Email resumes, reels, questions or donation information to:

I will update the progress of the film projects  and more info on my Instagram page @jmoteproductions @queen_jmote

Thank you for your time and funds in advance. God Bless!

Jessica Mote

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Its a very emotional short about Christmas in a broken home. I want to turn this into a feature film. Not only because it is a bomb story, but to empathize to parents how your relationship and what your kids see effects them more than you know! That’s all I’m saying for now. If you like what you see check it out on my Vimeo page. Link in bio!

DONT FORGET TO DONATE to my gofund me if you want to see more!!!!!���

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